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(1) IN GENERAL- By December 1, 2003, and every 2 years thereafter, the chief executive officer of the State, in cooperation with the State educational agency, shall submit to the Secretary a report —

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(A) on the implementation and outcomes of State programs under section 4112(a)(1) and section 4112(c) and local educational agency programs under section 4115(b), as well as an assessment of their effectiveness;

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(B) on the States progress toward attaining its performance measures for drug and violence prevention under section 4113(a)(10); and

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(C) on the States efforts to inform parents of, and include parents in, violence and drug prevention efforts.

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(2) SPECIAL RULE- The report required by this subsection shall be —

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(A) in the form specified by the Secretary;

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(B) based on the States ongoing evaluation activities, and shall include data on the incidence and prevalence, age of onset, perception of health risk, and perception of social disapproval of drug use and violence by youth in schools and communities; and

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(C) made readily available to the public.

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(1) IN GENERAL- Each local educational agency receiving funds under this subpart shall submit to the State educational agency such information that the State requires to complete the State report required by subsection (a), including a description of how parents were informed of, and participated in, violence and drug prevention efforts.

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(2) AVAILABILITY- Information under paragraph (1) shall be made readily available to the public.

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(3) PROVISION OF DOCUMENTATION- Not later than January 1 of each year that a State is required to report under subsection (a), the Secretary shall provide to the State educational agency all of the necessary documentation required for compliance with this section.