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(a) GRANT AUTHORIZATION- From funds made available to carry out this subpart under section 4003(2) the Secretary may make grants to local educational agencies and community-based organizations for the purpose of providing assistance to localities most directly affected by hate crimes.

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(1) PROGRAM DEVELOPMENT- Grants under this section may be used to improve elementary and secondary educational efforts, including —

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(A) development of education and training programs designed to prevent and to reduce the incidence of crimes and conflicts motivated by hate;

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(B) development of curricula for the purpose of improving conflict or dispute resolution skills of students, teachers, and administrators;

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(C) development and acquisition of equipment and instructional materials to meet the needs of, or otherwise be part of, hate crime or conflict programs; and

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(D) professional training and development for teachers and administrators on the causes, effects, and resolutions of hate crimes or hate-based conflicts.

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(2) APPLICATION- In order to be eligible to receive a grant under this section for any fiscal year, a local educational agency, or a local educational agency in conjunction with a community-based organization, shall submit an application to the Secretary in such form and containing such information as the Secretary may reasonably require.

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(3) REQUIREMENTS- Each application under paragraph (2) shall include —

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(A) a request for funds for the purpose described in this section;

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(B) a description of the schools and communities to be served by the grants; and

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(C) assurances that Federal funds received under this section shall be used to supplement, and not supplant, non-Federal funds.

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(4) COMPREHENSIVE PLAN- Each application shall include a comprehensive plan that contains —

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(A) a description of the hate crime or conflict problems within the schools or the community targeted for assistance;

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(B) a description of the program to be developed or augmented by such Federal and matching funds;

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(C) assurances that such program or activity shall be administered by or under the supervision of the applicant;

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(D) procedures for the proper and efficient administration of such program; and

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(E) fiscal control and fund accounting procedures as may be necessary to ensure prudent use, proper disbursement, and accurate accounting of funds received under this section.

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(1) SELECTION OF RECIPIENTS- The Secretary shall consider the incidence of crimes and conflicts motivated by bias in the targeted schools and communities in awarding grants under this section.

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(2) GEOGRAPHIC DISTRIBUTION- The Secretary shall attempt, to the extent practicable, to achieve an equitable geographic distribution of grant awards.

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(3) DISSEMINATION OF INFORMATION- The Secretary shall attempt, to the extent practicable, to make available information regarding successful hate crime prevention programs, including programs established or expanded with grants under this section.

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(d) REPORTS- The Secretary shall submit to Congress a report every 2 years that shall contain a detailed statement regarding grants and awards, activities of grant recipients, and an evaluation of programs established under this section.