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(a) CENTER- From funds made available to carry out this subpart under section 4003(2), the Secretary, the Attorney General, and the Secretary of Energy may enter into an agreement for the establishment at the Sandia National Laboratories, in partnership with the National Law Enforcement and Corrections Technology Center — Southeast and the National Center for Rural Law Enforcement in Little Rock, Arkansas, of a center to be known as the School Security Technology and Resource Center (hereafter in this section the Center).

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(b) ADMINISTRATION- The Center established under subsection (a) shall be administered by the Attorney General.

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(c) FUNCTIONS- The center established under subsection (a) shall be a resource to local educational agencies for school security assessments, security technology development, evaluation and implementation, and technical assistance relating to improving school security. The Center will also conduct and publish school violence research, coalesce data from victim communities, and monitor and report on schools that implement school security strategies.